Day One at Party Conference 2015

Not only is 2015 in Manchester the first conference under a Majority Tory Government in 19 years, it is also my first as a Councillor. It was always going to be a powerful day.

Hearing Lord Feldman of Elstree, our party chairman real off landmark results in his conference speech such as: Kelly Tolhurst in Rochester and Strood; and my good old friend Amanda Solloway in Derby North was exhilarating but the best is Andrea Jenkins in Morley and Outwood. The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and a shiver shoots up and down your spine.

I’ve¬†¬†caught up with some old friends today, once again met our great leader though it must be pushing 10 times now. For a second time in my life I’ve met the man who would be our next leader, Boris and his would be successor, Zac Goldsmith.

David Cameron said today that the assembled media expect an “orgy of self congratulations and gratification”. Well was day one. We heard from our colleagues in Europe and from the Foreign and Defence secretaries respectfully.

one thing I miss about opening day is Hague.