Cllr Harris responds to the proposed move o Sandiacre Post Office

Firstly I’m in a unique situation where Derby Road West crosses a parish boundary.

There is a post office in my ward which has already been subject to the franchise reform and modernisation.

College Street Post Office was modernised in August 2015 and reopened on September 12th 2015. The reception to the modernisation can only be described as positive. It is more accessible and has a brighter and fresher feel.

Sandiacre Post Office is at the heart of the parish. It is located at the focal point of the village and provides vital amenities to parishioners from both the south and north sides of Derby Road.

The more mature residents use it to collect their pension on a Monday morning and from there it provides an opening to the already dwindling retail offer in the urban end of the village.

I feel as a resident and a Parish Councillor that moving the post office to the proposed location will remove the independence from so many vulnerable residents who rely on the post office services; as a Borough Councillor I feel that this proposed move begins to remove the retail offer from the rural heart of this borough.

It begins to unpick the work done by the Planning and regeneration department at Erewash Borough Council to re-energise the once thriving villages and regresses the local economy.