A country that works for Everyone


This conference was all about Theresa May and it was all about Brexit. The opening day was dedicated to Brexit and in a change to the norm, the Prime Minister addressed conference at both ends of the proceedings.

There was a certain air about Theresa May. There was an air of optimism, confidence, certainty. It was as if she was there to stamp her mark and her authority all over the week.

This was a conference for politicos not for average interested members. It was a conference for the hardcore committed politicians and not the grassroots members who were there for the experience. It says a lot for Mrs May’s premiership.

It’s the most businesslike conference I’ve been to, far from sensationalised policy announcement, it was about Theresa setting out her vision for government.

It was about paying tribute to David Cameron and George Osbourne but telling world that the new era is here. A very positive conference that reflects Mrs May’s style as PM.

Theresa May’s premiership is going to be no nonsense, businesslike and to the point. But where David Cameron was emotional and gained a sense of duty from his family connections, Theresa May has a steely determination that comes from a sense of public duty. A sense that was instilled in her by her parents. She tells a story of walking past the staircase and the PM’s portraits at No 10 and feeling the sense of duty.

Sitting in the auditorium you get the awesome sense of sinserity.

So from the last 4 days we have learned a few things:

  1. The Conservative Party are the the true Workers Party; Theresa May has announced a scheme of putting workers and consumers on to the board of the company.
  2. We now know the maximum date for invoking Article 59 of the Lisbon Treaty.
  3. Mrs May plans to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act in the next Parliamentary Session.

This was a positive conference for us conservative politicians. The ship is on a steady course and with Theresa at the helm, we are heading in a healthy direction. The one thing that still always unsettles me at every conference, however, is the focus on Labour.

Im much more a fan of positive politics but this conference layed out a vision for A Country that Works for Everyone.