Changes to Trent Barton Services in Kirk Hallam

Although it’s not in my ward and it’s not Long Eaton or Sandiacre related, I have had a number of enquiries relating to the Number 23 bus in Kirk Hallam. As this is in the County division that I stood for in 2013, I still receive  many enquiries stemming from that area.

The following statement has been put on the Trent-Barton website:


the 21 & 23

These routes will be combined to offer a new simpler, more consistent direct route between Heanor, Ilkeston, Kirk Hallam, Stapleford and Nottingham, running right past Ilkeston Hospital and Queens Medical Centre every 30 mins.

We’re confident these changes will deliver improved punctuality, which our research repeatedly shows is a top priority for customers. There will be a slight change of route in Cotmanhay, Heanor Road will be used instead of Cotmanhay Road and Nelson Street.

From Sunday 23 July, there will be a new, frequent link between Heanor, Ilkeston, Kirk Hallam, Stapleford & Nottingham.

The 21 will replace the 23 route but with a slight route change through Cotmanhay; Heanor Road will be served instead of Cotmanhay Road & Nelson Street.

Earlier in the year, we conducted on-bus research to ask you how we could improve. You were very frank and honest, with timekeeping and frequency being your top priorities.

We listened, and we’ve given the route an overhaul:

new & improved timetable to improve timekeeping
more buses, more often throughout the day
new links to Ilkeston Hospital and Queens Medical Centre

21 route map