Lets Renew the British Dream…!

“That’s what I am in Politics for: to make a difference; To Change things for the better…” I have to say that this was a quote and a sound bite which resonates with me personally. That is what I am in politics for too.

 Yesterday we saw a new side of The Prime Minister. We saw a speech from Mrs May that was extremely personal and very emotional, people want to see that side of a politician and especially from a political leader.

Conservative Party Conference 2017 was my seventh Party Conference in eight years. I have witnessed five conference speeches by David Cameron and each one of them was personal, passionate and was delivered with emotion. Theresa, yesterday, for me channelled David Cameron and showed her human side.

Time and Time again we heard David Cameron pay huge tributes to the NHS from personal experiences, Mrs May did the same thing yesterday.

Now I credit my Conservative Values to many things and many people, but the truth is that The Conservative Party really is the Party of Aspiration; Ambition; Meritocracy, We are truly the party of Opportunity; Inclusivity and Hope.

That is the British Dream!

Now I would consider myself as a Thatcherite. I was born under the great lady’s government in 1987, but much more than that, I believe in everything that Lady T was synonymous with; Freedom; Sovereignty; Home Ownership and Prosperity. But most of all: Equality and Meritocracy. Now I have no doubt that when I synonymise Mrs Thatcher with Equality I will have critics but THIS CONSERVATIVE PARTY gave us Our FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER in Mrs Thatcher and our second Female Prime Minister in Mrs May, so Yes Mrs Thatcher gave us Equality.

Ruth Davidson said on Sunday: “This Party is not here for those people at the top of the Ladder; This Party IS a Ladder.”  

The Conservative Party is the party of the Working Class; We Conservatives are the Party that delivered: tax cuts for lower paid citizens; the lowest paid being taken out of income tax altogether; the national living wage; help to buy schemes and more. Not to mention Mrs Thatcher’s original Right to Buy scheme in the first place.

Lets renew the British Dream!